1. Talking: Talking on the ground floor of H&L is fair game in my book. People congregate by the printer, chat at the circulation desk, and communally stalk people on facebook. Regardless of the noise level, the first floor is too distracting for studying, anyway. Between the newspapers, magazines, and computers, it wasn’t intended for studying in the first place—so talk away. If anything, your annoying chatter will drive the poor souls who thought that they could study there upstairs, thus segregating the studiers from the non-studiers and creating a healthier and happier library environment.However, on the other floors, noise is a serious issue. If you run into a friend, keep your conversation short and quiet. If your cell phone rings (well, it shouldn’t ring—it should be left on vibrate), take the call in the stairwell. And do not, under any circumstance, call someone from the library. As fascinating as your drunken weekend adventures truly are, I’d kind of like to finish my history reading. If you suddenly recover from your drunken stupor while studying in the stacks and absolutely have to call your BFF about whom you hooked up with last night, allow me to suggest alternate means of communication such as email or instant messenger or if you want to brag about it publicly (like you’re doing in the library), a facebook wall post!

2. Other Annoying Habits to avoid: Excessive coughing is just gross. And perpetual yawning is distracting. The new vending machines are awesome but the amount of loud chip-crunching has increased noticeably. And it’s distracting and gross and makes me hungry. So please crunch softly. Also, clean up your trash, crumbs and grease and don’t stick gum under the desks. That’s so high school.

3. Latest Pet Peeve: My latest pet peeve has to do with choosing your seat. The 2-sided desks upstairs are fairly close together. If someone is sitting on one side, don’t box them in by sitting at the desk directly behind them. Boxing them prevents them from stretching out and leaning back in their seats. It also makes them feel awkward about talking and/or muttering to themselves, which, in hindsight, may or may not be a bad thing. Anyways, when there’s a whole row of empty seats and desks, why are you limiting your (you’re boxing yourself in too) and some innocent bystander’s space and privacy. When presented with this uncomfortable situation, I’ve actually taken to getting-up and moving to a truly empty space.

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